Sunday, November 6, 2011

last night,

I miss you.

Its been 3,4months we didnt meet up
Last time we met was on fasting month
I know that you know I wrote this about you
Its not like I dun wanna fight what we had together
It just that I think we should distance ourselves from each other
To realise how much we really need each other
To value things we had together
Sometimes I feel like meeting you up
catching up stories like we used to, have an awesome day together
take a lot of pictures, try new things, blabbering and blahblah
Hopefully we can get things back to normal
let the time decide about that
take care.

Hafizah Kamal

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

out from under.

"If you die, I’ll be the first one to miss you, but the last one to forget all of the memories we shared as best friends."

               I just got back from my mid-semester break which is only a week. But I enjoyed myself during the holidays. Dunno where to start and dunno how to start. I guess I'll start with with whom I spent my time with. Of course I spent my quality time with Syamilia. This is not because I don't have any other friend, it is simply because we have so many things to be done regarding b&m and some other stuff. Plus, its been 1 and a half month i didn't meet her up. (am I counting days while we are away? :P)

               So, here's the thing. I came back to Penang on friday but then my parents told me that they're going to KL on Tuesday, which is the 4th day I'm in Penang. There are so many things in my list to be done, I decided not gonna follow them. So, I spent my nights at her place. Finishing all the incoming orders. F-ing a lot man! But then, we started to finish it up when I'm at her house which is on wednesdayy. Early days started with hanging out, watching movies, spent time with Najwa and blabla. Did I mention we go and watch real steel and in time?? F-ing amazing movie dude! Go and watch it! Best gile kottt! hehe. I think thats the best dollar spent ever. exaggerating much? whatevvv. hehe
              Oh ya, before I forgot, this girl have a car. She call it Cilcil. haha. Its a small car btw. I guess from the name u guys can guess what car is it. Asalkan ada kereta. Kau hado? hehe. But, the funny thing is, she have a car but she dont have a gut to drive. Funny you, Syamilia. So, I decided to teach her how to drive(its a manual car btw). It aint easy to handle a manual car. I know. Nasib baik my instructor at my driving school is very good. He's the best instructor I guess. Because, during my driving classes, he tought me how to manage a manual car without "mati kat tgh jalan" while stopping. haha. Until now I remember, still fresh in my mind.
             So, I tought Syamilia the same thing he tought me. For me, she's getting better. From "kereta slalu mati" to "tak slalu mati sgt". haha. But she still takut2 nak drive. I dunno why. What is it so scary? Takde benda yang menakutkan slain takut kepada tuhan yg maha esa. cewahh. Anywayy, sometimes we have to overcome our fear. Until when we want to live in a fear? Without a courage, our ability is limited. So, I hold onto this one prinsip "never let fear overcome you". Dengar tu Syamilia. Ceramah skit utk hg. hihi. Ouh ya, she need to learn how to drive well because she gotta bring Cilcil to UiTM next sem, since she's not living in a college anymore. So, she's gotta moooveeeeeeee. hehe

               Semua ni done in a week? Like seriusly Hafizah? haha. Thanx to you for one-fucking-amazing-yet-fun week. hehe. Jom buat lagi! (kalau ada masa.) haiz. cant wait for my next semester break. It will be in 7weeks starting from now! woohooooooooo. the clock is ticking starting frommmm...... NOW!

"mulut hang potpet sangat la Fizah. show us some pictures dude!" -_-


Shes my best friend.
break her heart and i’ll break your face !

pretty girls :)

close couzzy

“Beautiful girl, on top of the world. Don’t fall down, because an angel should never touch the ground.”

whoever said that friendship is easy has obviosly never had a true friend!

BFF its a promise not a label

Fun is like life insurance; the older you get, the more it costs.

bergossip ke jah oii :P


You don’t have to be an actor to get the role of being a friend.

muka dia penat driving. macam mane2 je! haha

Can't wait for my raya haji's break. will be updating more soon :)