Sunday, November 6, 2011

last night,

I miss you.

Its been 3,4months we didnt meet up
Last time we met was on fasting month
I know that you know I wrote this about you
Its not like I dun wanna fight what we had together
It just that I think we should distance ourselves from each other
To realise how much we really need each other
To value things we had together
Sometimes I feel like meeting you up
catching up stories like we used to, have an awesome day together
take a lot of pictures, try new things, blabbering and blahblah
Hopefully we can get things back to normal
let the time decide about that
take care.

Hafizah Kamal

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

out from under.

"If you die, I’ll be the first one to miss you, but the last one to forget all of the memories we shared as best friends."

               I just got back from my mid-semester break which is only a week. But I enjoyed myself during the holidays. Dunno where to start and dunno how to start. I guess I'll start with with whom I spent my time with. Of course I spent my quality time with Syamilia. This is not because I don't have any other friend, it is simply because we have so many things to be done regarding b&m and some other stuff. Plus, its been 1 and a half month i didn't meet her up. (am I counting days while we are away? :P)

               So, here's the thing. I came back to Penang on friday but then my parents told me that they're going to KL on Tuesday, which is the 4th day I'm in Penang. There are so many things in my list to be done, I decided not gonna follow them. So, I spent my nights at her place. Finishing all the incoming orders. F-ing a lot man! But then, we started to finish it up when I'm at her house which is on wednesdayy. Early days started with hanging out, watching movies, spent time with Najwa and blabla. Did I mention we go and watch real steel and in time?? F-ing amazing movie dude! Go and watch it! Best gile kottt! hehe. I think thats the best dollar spent ever. exaggerating much? whatevvv. hehe
              Oh ya, before I forgot, this girl have a car. She call it Cilcil. haha. Its a small car btw. I guess from the name u guys can guess what car is it. Asalkan ada kereta. Kau hado? hehe. But, the funny thing is, she have a car but she dont have a gut to drive. Funny you, Syamilia. So, I decided to teach her how to drive(its a manual car btw). It aint easy to handle a manual car. I know. Nasib baik my instructor at my driving school is very good. He's the best instructor I guess. Because, during my driving classes, he tought me how to manage a manual car without "mati kat tgh jalan" while stopping. haha. Until now I remember, still fresh in my mind.
             So, I tought Syamilia the same thing he tought me. For me, she's getting better. From "kereta slalu mati" to "tak slalu mati sgt". haha. But she still takut2 nak drive. I dunno why. What is it so scary? Takde benda yang menakutkan slain takut kepada tuhan yg maha esa. cewahh. Anywayy, sometimes we have to overcome our fear. Until when we want to live in a fear? Without a courage, our ability is limited. So, I hold onto this one prinsip "never let fear overcome you". Dengar tu Syamilia. Ceramah skit utk hg. hihi. Ouh ya, she need to learn how to drive well because she gotta bring Cilcil to UiTM next sem, since she's not living in a college anymore. So, she's gotta moooveeeeeeee. hehe

               Semua ni done in a week? Like seriusly Hafizah? haha. Thanx to you for one-fucking-amazing-yet-fun week. hehe. Jom buat lagi! (kalau ada masa.) haiz. cant wait for my next semester break. It will be in 7weeks starting from now! woohooooooooo. the clock is ticking starting frommmm...... NOW!

"mulut hang potpet sangat la Fizah. show us some pictures dude!" -_-


Shes my best friend.
break her heart and i’ll break your face !

pretty girls :)

close couzzy

“Beautiful girl, on top of the world. Don’t fall down, because an angel should never touch the ground.”

whoever said that friendship is easy has obviosly never had a true friend!

BFF its a promise not a label

Fun is like life insurance; the older you get, the more it costs.

bergossip ke jah oii :P


You don’t have to be an actor to get the role of being a friend.

muka dia penat driving. macam mane2 je! haha

Can't wait for my raya haji's break. will be updating more soon :)


Saturday, October 15, 2011


 "It's true that all good things must come to an end."

rindu ini.

                    There are so many things to be told and yet, so little time to spill it. But there is about something I feel like blogging about it. Its been one and a half month I am back in UPM, start a brand new semester here which is third sem, second year. While I was waiting to be as a second year student, ALL of the IPTA's students are given such a longgggggg looonnnggggg breaaakkkk which is 4months. 

                    So, here's the story. Out of many things to be told, I chose this to be some topic for this entry. I've been spending my time with my freennnsss. It is more to quality time. ehem. Boleh dikatakan setiap hari mesti keluar. Nasib baik ada la jugak saving yg dibuat sebelum cuti, tu yg boleh survive smpai 4bulan tuu. hehe. Selalunya start hari khamis, akan lepak ngn Syamilia. Dia study kat UiTM Merbok, so quite dekat dgn Penang. Bila dia balik, ktorg akan hang out boleh dikatakan everyday. Tapi bila fikir balik, kitorg bukannya pergi tgk wayang ke apa ke. But, thats us. Memang jarang sangat la tgk wayang. Bukan sebab kitorg xsuka tgk movie, but we think that dgn cara tgk movie, xleh sembang. Kami nanti p la mana2. Jalan kat QB ke gurney ke mane ke. Tgh jalan pun boleh dok sembang, sampaikan pernah satu hari ni ada org yg kami kenal pggl kami. Dia cakap lebih dari 3kali dia pggl kami(nak tegur la sbb terserempak) tp kami xdgar, bukan xdgar tp xprasan wehh. hahaha. Kami dua ni cakap banyak. Memangg never stop talking. People sometimes wonder, even her mum ask her about what did we talked everyday. We talked something random. Sometimes we talked about guys, sometimes about educations, sometimes about people we dislike, she dislike, things happen that time, bara kat org ke, nak p penumbuk sape2 ke. There are thousands of inside jokes and stories between us. Thats all I can say. hehe

                   Since we slalu communicate everyday, thats why we create B&M. This can strengthen our frenship together, work on together. It's a good thing though. I don't find it wasting our time. So now, what I'm trying to say here, I miss the moment I have those good thing while semester break. I can watch Pretty Little Liars, I can hang out till midnight, I can be at Syamilia's house till dawn, I can play with her brothers, I can waste my time by window shopping, I can sleep anytime I can, and whatsoever. If I was given a list to list things I miss the most, I can guarantee you I cant stop list it. ahhh, shit. When can I get those moment back? I think end of this 2nd year. wheeehuuu. Cant wait! I miss "my" myvi. hehehe. I called it mine because I am the one whose driving it, bak kata org buat harta. :P

                   I wish I could tell everything in my mind, whats my heart telling but I cant because there are so many things and I think some things should be left unspoken. Because it will be so F-ing boring if we drag something, some topic while "bercerita-ing" :P So, I should cut this entry here. toodles :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

she will be loved.

Bila takde kerja, mulalah meng'usha'  facebook, twitter and etc. While scrolling down my facebook's homepage, I saw one of these status update. I feel so touched. I dunno why, maybe sebab emo lebih kot? haha. So, here's the thing. 
Bf : Kita main satu game nak tak?
Gf : Game apa?
Bf : Mcam ni, esok awak tak payah contact saya. Mksudnya tak payah text,call or apa2 yg berkaitan lah. Saya pun buat mcam tu dkat awak okay? Kita tgok sape menang.
Gf : Okay sayang!

... ... Esoknya, si Gf terpaksalah tahan rindu dkt Bf. Mengenangkan ini satu permainan, si Gf cuba kuatkan hati.

Keesokkan harinya, si Gf call si Bf. Tapi tak dijwab. So si Gf pegi rumah Bf dia. Di luar rumah, ramai org. Dia mula rasa pelik dan terus masuk ke rumah. Sekujur tubuh terbaring kaku di tgh rumah. Dan tubuh itu adalah jasad si Bf yg dah meninggal. Mak si Bf pun bagi surat dkat GF.

Surat yg bertulis:

Sayang, smlam awak dpt hidup sehari tanpa saya. Saya pasti esok dan seterusnya pasti awak dpt hidup bahagia tanpa saya :')
sweet kaann? I find it sweet sebab laki tu cam *dunnowhattosay*. Think about what I used to have currently, rasa geram smua pun ada. Tapi nasib baik dah over. So kiranya xde org nak menyakitkan ati lagi. Being in relationship bknnya utk bear dgn segala sakit yg ada. Being in relationship to be happy, to be someone yg boleh share everything, to share your happiness sadness and stuff bukannya untuk di "taken for granted". Yes, org kata I salah jahat and stuff because I leave him. Its better to be a leaver rather than dok stay utk dapat sakit. But please, jgn nak judge sangat. Dengar sebelah pihak tidak memberi korg pandangan utk judge someone tu.
Okay now I wanna ask, ada ke laki yg rely on woman? Perempuan drive, perempuan do this, do that and blabla. Rasa macam I dont deserve to deserve on any guys. Im a woman, mmg dah tertulis dah perempuan need to be taken care. Memang silap besar la nak suruh perempuan buat smuanya. Sebenarnya, byk lagi mistakes I found in my past relationship tapi malas nak point out. Sebab benda dah lepas kan, jadikan yg lps tu as an experienced and jadikan yg terbaru tu sebagai yg terbaik. I wanna cut it off so that xigt bnda lama. take care uolls *winks

Monday, October 3, 2011

pretty girls.

assalamualaikum. hehe.

okay, today rasa mcm nak crita pasal b&m lagi (dah xde benda lain nak cerita ke Hafizah oii :P)

takde ape, sebenarnya excited je. sebab kitorg skrg dah create benda baru, which is bobby pin. eh x, syamilia yg buat bobby pin ni. Dia yg came out this idea. Tak guna jugak cakap byk. let show some pictures and some new items. hehe

ouhh yaa, before that, ktorg pun boleh customize. contohnye mcm korg suke warna merah and hitam. tapi ktorg xde color camtu, korg bleh reqest. crita ngn ktorg, korg nak color macam mana. ktorg lagi suka kalau nak buat color baru and design baru. ye laa, smua org taste xsame. xsemestinya korg suke color ktorg kann. hehe. kat fb page b&m, ada satu album kids choice. itu smua budak yg pilih. hehe.
I just put some of the new items kat sini. pape pun, do visit and like our page, b&m. much love :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

new start.

                             click here to visit our page

              woowww! It's been a looonngggg looonngggg time I didn't update my blog. Yeahh, I am soooo F-ing busy. Now I am back to my beloved UPM, with new things with me. hehe. Oh yaa, I did mention right before this I've been busy doing something new. So now, it's time for me to reveal it.

              Sebelum ni, I ada plan dengan my bestie, Syamilia to buy this bracelet thingy, sort of mcm friendship bracelet laa(kononnye laa :P). We both love accesories macam bracelets, rantai blabla. Si Syamilia plak suka headband, headgear blabla. Since kami slalu gayut, tiba-tiba macam terpop up kata "why not kita try buat handmade accesories using buttons". Then kami sangat excited, kami p laaa pusing penang cari tempat jual buttons. Banyak jugak laa tempat yg kami dah p. So far the buttons sgt memuaskan hati. hehe.

               When we guys dah dapat buttons and stuff, its time for us plak nak create the design. It takes for about a week to produce bracelet yg btul2 elok. Its not that easy. Mulanya igtkan senang je, just masukkan tali dalam lubang buttons tu. haha, its not as simple as that. I think more than 10types of tali kami dah try. Buat cara macam ni, then macam tu, smua sux! Sampai laa satu point tuu kami macam nak give up. tp ni laa experience kan. So, now, kami da jumpa the best tali and mcm mana nk buat smua dah ada jwpn then kami proceed. Kami plan nk buat bnda satu per satu. I mean kami produce things satu per satu then publish. Contoh macam this week kami buat bracelet. Pastu week after that produce headgear, sepit blabla. For now, kami dah produce 3jns benda which is bracelet, brooch(kerongsang) and accesories rambut mcm headgear, sepit etc.

                Nak buat combination of colors pun not that easy. Kalau sekadar nak buat putih combine dgn hitam, merah dgn putih blabla, mmg laa boleh. Tp xattractive la kan. Plus, masa nak bli buttons tu, dah laa byk color. Then nak kena fikir plak nak bli warna apa smua tu. Byk jugak masa yg ktorg buang just for the starting. Tapi makin lama makin okay laa. Dah makin tau selok belok colors smua tu. Ada yg request bracelet warna raggae laaa, rainbow laa ape laa. Mmg sangat nice. Sometimes tu rasa happy sgt sbb there are so many colors for us to choose. Tapi xsemestinya ktorg buat bracelet based on our colors. Kalau customer tu nak buat bracelet based on color dia, no hal. Kitorg buat je as requested. Xsemua orang ada taste yg sama. Kalau die nak combine hijau dgn coklat, buat je laa kan. Then kami akan tangkap gmbar and publish kat our fb page. hehe.

                So far business ktorg okay, alhamdulillah. Thanks to those yg jadi our customer. Really appreciate it. Lagipun kami buat ni just nak the experience je. Jual barang buatan sendiri(hand made) kan. Ktorg really harap korg support ktorg. Xkisah laa what kind of support skali pun. Moral support ke ape ke. You guys promote ktorg punya B&m pun ktorg da ckup appreciate korg. Once again, thanks to those yg support ktorg k! I think thats all. Much love from me, behalf of the b&m :)

Pictures of b&m :




for more pictures, visit our page > click here


Saturday, August 20, 2011

glitter in the air.

              Disebabkan terlaluuuu free sangat, I don't have a better things to do, I mem'busy'kan diri dengan buat something yg berfaedah. Something new, yang xpernah terlintas nak buat langsung dan yg paling penting, I sangat teruja when I'm doing it. What is it, Hafizah? You talked too much. Straight to the point please. Hahaha. Apa eh? For now, still rahsia. Sebab still in progress. Jangan fikir bukan-bukan yahh. Too early for me to tell about it. Tapi, apa yang pasti, mesti akan burst out punyaaaa. I'll update about it kat facebook, twitter dan of course, this one and only blog. Thats all folks. tak boleh cakap banyak-banyak. hehe. Salam ramadhan yg ke-20! :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

resipi karamel.

selalunya time puasa je ada. Mahal kalau nak beli. Tak berbaloi.

                  Resepi ni I share dgn my close friend, Kamalia. Dia bagi jugak tips sikit2 macam mana nak produce karamel yg gebu and lembut. So now, ingredient utk karamel perlukan 5biji telur, 3/4tin susu cair, 6sudu gula dan satu sudu besar esen vanilla. First of all, telur yg diperlukan tak smua guna whole eggs. According to Kamalia, guna 3biji telur(putih dan kuning) dan 2biji telur(putih sahaja). Ini dapat menghasilkan karamel yg gebu dan lembut macam kulit babyThen, masa nak pukul telur, susu, gula dan esen vanilla, asingkan dan pukul satu-satu. Mula-mula pukul sebiji telur then masukkan susu sikit-sikit. Teruskan sampai telur yang terakhir. Next, masukkan gula dan esen vanilla and siap! Masa I buat karamel ni, I masukkan 1tin susu sebab I bleh rasa yang karamel ni akan rasa telur sebab bau telur tu bleh bau walaupun dah mixed dengan susu, esen vanilla n gula. Sementara tu, anda bleh start panaskan alat pengukus utk kukus karamel ni.

                  Untuk gula hangus plak, for me, agak susah la sebab nak kena peka dan xboleh biar gula tu smpai hangus. Kalau gula tu hangus, mesti akan rasa pahit. So, benda ni akan spoil the taste of the caramel. Jadi, kena guna api yg sgt perlahan. Panaskan loyang(guna bnda lain pun bleh), then letakkan gula sikit2. Tunggu smpai gula tu cair. Bila gula tu dah tukar jadi kemerah-merahan, barulah masukkan air sikit2. Kacau smpai air dan gula cair itu sebati dan ulang steps ni smpai anda rasa cukup untuk karamel tu. I guna dalam 3,4 sudu gula saja. Tapi banyak kali jugaklah buat bnda ni sbb asyik hangus je.

                   Akhir sekali, ratakan gula hangus dalam loyang tapi jangan terlalu banyak. Kemudian masukkan campuran karamel tadi dalam loyang tersebut. Masukkan sikit2 sebab takut gula & ingredient karamel tadi mixed dgn gula hangus. Then, masukkan dalam alat pengukus tadi. Biarkan selama 45minit. Api jangan terlalu kuat, yang sedang2 sahaja. hehe. Kalau nk surface karamel tak berbintik or ber'jerawat', cover loyang tadi dengan aluminium foil & buat lubang. Hal ini dapat menghalang wap air dari penutup alat pengukus tu jatuh ke atas permukaan karamel. I think that's all. Mudah bukan? hehe. Selamat mencuba! :D

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Peringkat Solat dan Lima Jenis Manusia

Renung-renungkanlah. For me, masih banyak yang perlu diperbaiki.

Jenis Pertama
Hari ini, ramai umat Islam yang tidak bersolat, bahkan ramai juga yang tidak tahu hendak bersolat. Ada yang menafikan kewajipan solat. Mereka jatuh kafir sebab itu kadangkala perangainya dengan si kafir tidak ada beza.

Jenis Kedua
Orang yang melakukan solat secara zahir saja, malah bacaan pun masih tidak betul, taklid buta dan main ikut-ikut orang lain. Jadi, golongan ini sekejap bersolat, sekejap tidak. Jika ada masa dan emosi baik, dia bersolat. Kalau sibuk dan ada program kenduri, kerja, berziarah, bermusafir, letih dan penat, dia tidak bersolat.

Orang ini jatuh fasik. Tidak belajar solat mahupun secara rasmi atau tidak rasmi. Ilmu mengenai solat ialah apa yang dipelajari ketika kecil dan tadika saja. Golongan ini tertolak, bahkan berdosa besar dan hidup dalam keadaan derhaka kepada Allah.

Jenis Ketiga
Golongan yang melakukan solat cukup lima waktu, tepat ilmunya, faham setiap bacaan solat, Al-Fatihah, doa iftitah dan tahiyatnya, tetapi tidak dihayati dalam solat itu.

Fikirannya masih melayang mengingatkan perkara dunia tanpa menghayati solat. Golongan ini dikategorikan sebagai solat ‘awamul Muslimin’ dan jika dididik serta ditambah mujahadah (kesungguhan), dia akan berjaya dalam solat.

Jenis Keempat
Golongan ini baik sedikit daripada golongan sebelumnya, tetapi main tarik tali dalam solatnya. Sesekali dia khusyuk, sesekali lalai pula. Apabila teringat sesuatu dalam solatnya, teruslah terbawa-bawa, berkhayal dan seterusnya.

Apabila teringat Allah secara tiba-tiba, dia akan insaf dan sedar semula, cuba dibawa hati serta fikirannya untuk menghayati setiap kalimah dan bacaan dalam solat. Begitulah sehingga selesai solatnya. Peringkat ini, orang terbabit akan mula memasuki zon ‘memelihara solat’, tetapi masih belum seronok dengan solat.

Jenis Kelima
Golongan yang melakukan solat tepat ilmunya, faham secara langsung bacaan dan setiap lafaz dalam solatnya. Hati dan fikirannya tidak terbawa-bawa dengan keadaan sekeliling sehingga pekerjaan serta apa pun yang dilakukan atau difikirkan di luar solat itu tidak mempengaruhi solatnya.

Walaupun dia memiliki harta dunia, menjalankan kewajipan dan tugas keduniaan seperti perniagaan, semua itu tidak mempengaruhi solatnya. Hatinya masih dapat memuja Allah dalam solat. Golongan ini disebut orang soleh.

Jika kita berada di peringkat satu, dua dan tiga, kita sebenarnya belum selamat dan mungkin solat tidak mampu mendapat jaminan Allah. So, sama-samalah kita muhasabah diri dan memperbaiki solat agar diterima Allah. InsyaAllah..

[dipetik dari]

Monday, August 15, 2011

someone like you.

"past is the best place to visit but it is not the best place to stay"

                     While I was wasting my time, I saw one of my friend updated her status. So, I liked that status and I decided to "steal" it and put it in here. This is because I couldn't agree more and it tells something. She said, "DO NOT risk an awesome friendship for some unsure crush on your BFF. Its gonna cost huge regrets and leave you the I-will-die-out-of-lonliness-wi​thout-you-cause-you-used-to-be​ -my-everything symptoms. You won't be able to forgive yourself for such stupidity, trust me. It will turn out to be seriously awkward. Well, JUST DON'T! Go find another hottie for you to go awwww with EHEHEHEE ;D " I just copy and paste from her facebook's status to my blog. We started as a stranger then we have something and the next day you walked away. After a year you come back and then you spill all your words, we getting so closed and finally I just realise that we just creating F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P but not L-O-V-E. What I am trying to say here, I regret it. I should've say NO at the first place. Seriously, a BIG NO. huhuhu. Now, I have to lose you, and I have to go on my life like nothing happened. I hope you're doing fine out there. Yeah, I know you are. Good to know then :) and yes, I won't be able to forgive myself for such stupidity.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pretty little liars.

"Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret."

Pretty Little Liars.

              So, let me introduce you guys to this awesome TV series I've been catching up lately which is Pretty Little Liars. First of all, the character and the actors is attracting me to watch it. They are sooooo pretty, for the girls, and f-ing handsome for the guys! Anyway, it's a new TV series. I can't stop watching it. I'm addicted to it. My curiosity level increases day by day. So, let me get this thing right up straight. This TV series based on mysterious things happen to these pretty little girls, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna, regarding to what happened to their "bestfriend", named Alison. She's missing for a year, and after a year, the neighbourhood found her body and she was killed. So, the police suspect that 4 of them is responsible for what had happened to this girl, Alison. This is because they are the last person who spent their time with Alison. They had this "awesome" slumber party which include alcohol(their age is 15). While the police investigating this "murder" case, they received text message(s) from an anonymous texter who declaring him/herself as A(stands for Alison). So, this pretty little girls think that someone(absolutely not A) did this to them but the problem is, this anonymous texter knows their secret that only A know it. Who is this texter? Gotta find out! 

Received message from someone, girls?

uuuuuuuuuuu, hiding something?

life threatening bitch, A.
They ARE pretty, right?

I think thats all folks. Salam ramadhan yg ke-10.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Anything can be.

Perpisahan Ini - 1st Edition ft. Aizat Amdan

Disini bermulanya pertemuan yang terakhir
Kehilangan amat terasa di hati
Mungkinkah ini yang tertulis ditangan takdir
Ku terima perpisahan ini

Dulu kita satu jiwa satu impian
Susah dan senang kita bersama
Namun itu semua
Hanya sementara

Hanya lagu yang menjadi ingatan
Hanya lagu yang menjadi kenangan
Seandainya masa itu kembali semula
Inginku miliki lebih darimu

Mungkinkah ini yang tertulis ditangan takdir
Ku terima perpisahan ini

Perpisahan yang tak ku duga telah terjadi
Dirimu pergi biar ku sendiri

Friday, August 5, 2011


I-I love you like a love song, baby.

this is the THIRD.

           "A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her."

            These past few days I can't stop crying. Is it because of I am so called emotionally unstable or I am being oversensitive? But it's okay. Atleast I have reasons for why am I crying. Firstly, because of this. Then, because of that. Next, because of her and finally because of him. Don't you have something more exciting to do, Hafizah? Oohh, surprisingly I think I am freak enough because during the day time I can laugh like hell but then during the night time I can cry like I have been hurt enough. Crazy enough isn't it? As long as I still can breathe like a normal human being, it don't bothers me.

            Anyway, talk about crying, I used to cry because of my bestie's pain. I felt what she felt. It is so damn f-ing hurt I tell you. Today he saw her, then asking for the number, he saved it, he tackled her, he make her heart melt like an ice, she fell in love, they get together, he loves her, she loves him, they fought, he get mad, she cried, she's accepting his flaws, he make her feel like shit, she forgive, frens and family get mad, trying to pull her away, she's insisting, she act normal, he's avoiding, he get mad, she talked nicely and finally they broke up. Is it how does it goes? Like seriously? Don't you love her anymore? As fresh as the first time you saw her? I'm not being "kepo", but this is what she told me. I'm at her side btw. My bestfren, yes I can't help that I care so much. And guys, please stop being such a dickhead, ignorance and ego. We, girls, hate it so much. TAKE NOTE. Happy fasting, day 5.